Siuslaw Vocabulary, Sketched Maps, Village Names (Series 1, Box 4, Folder 4)


Siuslaw vocabulary, with sketch map showing villages, and incomplete key giving village names. Siletz Reservation, Oregon. Oct. 27, 1884. A. D. 12 pp. Includes 1p. Umpqua and Siuslaw comparisons. Informant: Mrs. Williams (Louisa) Smith. Kusan. Coos. Misc. ethnological material. J. Buchanan (Frachtenberg). Coos myths (5 notebooks); traditions (3 note-books); grammatical notes (1 notebook); misc. books (2); Notebooks, 21 cm., averaging 79 pages each. Contains handwritten notes on vocabulary and a couple of handwritten maps with village names. First document contains 8 pages, second 1 and the third 15.