Notes on a Tribal Language from a Shahaptan Family at Siletz Agency, OR (Series 1, Box 4, Folder 8)


Half of these documents are handwritten with tribal language notes and the other half are typed documents with both tribal language and there English equivalent. Language written is Kli-ki-tat. Typed documents provide a title page with the information: Authorities: (G) Geo. Wilbur, Told all words not marked (O) Jake Orten, a Chasta Costa. Shahaptan Family Tribe: Kli-ki-tat Locality: Siletz Agency, Ore. Recorded by, J.Owen Dorsey Date of Record, August to 1884. Documents are broken into three PDFs with the first being a cover page, the second containing 8 pages of handwritten notes, and the final containing 8 pages of typed notes along with a cover page.